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Contest Rules

Before the contest, contestants must:

  • meet eligibility criteria for the Quit For Good category
  • submit a fully complete registration form online or to the LTPB student team

During the contest period contestants must:

  • quit smoking, and remain smoke-free during the entire 6 weeks of the contest. This means they can’t use any kind of tobacco product from January 24, 2011 to March 7, 2011 (inclusive). Quitting aids such as nicotine replacement therapy (patch, gum) or medications are allowed.
  • keep in contact with their buddy so their buddy can support them and know how they are doing.
  • respond within 48 hours if they are contacted by Leave The Pack Behind.

Near the end of the contest period, Leave The Pack Behind contacts contestants as potential winners of the Quit For Good prize(s). Contestants who are selected as potential winners must:

  • reply to Leave The Pack Behind within 24 hours of being contacted
  • go to their campus clinic within 48 hours of being contacted to:
  • – show their student identification card

    – provide a urine sample for a cotinine test to see if they are smoke-free

    – sign a declaration form to say they followed the rules and are smoke free

  • make sure their buddy submits their declaration form within 48 hours of being contacted. The buddy declaration form will be emailed to buddies of potential winners.

Potential winners who complete all these requirements and test as smoke-free are entered into the final draw!

Prize Draws for Quit For Good Contestants

Potential winners are contacted by email at the address provided at registration.

Possible winners forfeit their eligibility for the final prize draw if they:

  • do not meet timelines for replying to LTPB, visiting the campus clinic, completing the cotinine test, and submitting all required forms
  • have not followed the contest rules before, during and/or near the end of the contest period
  • decline or fail the cotinine test

Potential winners who complete the requirements of the preliminary prize draw and are found to be smoke-free are entered into the final draw. Final winners are selected at random.


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