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Ben Sep. 14/04, 7:37 pm Student : Friends
Site looks really good guys,.. keep up the good work.. keep the message out there and we’ll c some positive results ;).. neways .. go team canada!

Carm Sep. 08/04, 2:59 pm Other : I just found it!!
I think what you are doing is a great thing. I too long to see the day when cigarettes will be banned completely. Although I think it has more to do with the money tobacco companies give gov’t agencies. Anyway, if anybody needs any kind of computer help out there, go to http://www.niagaratech.ca to contact me.

Frazzy Student Sep. 02/04, 2:40 pm Student : Friends
Welcome Back LTPB’ers… um is that a real group? Anywho… you know this summer I actually thought of you guys when at the bars and everyone was lighting up (outside). Keep up the good work you are actually on people’s minds (well okay mine at least).

Daniel L. Sep. 01/04, 11:28 pm Other : Other
I dream of the day cigarettes would be forbidden because for a few years already it has been proven to be dangerous for the health. No need to be a genius to undertstand that. But I understand government can’t remove cigarettes in one day, the planet would not survive to such a shock.

My contribution: http://pages.videotron.com/abc/films-movies

MJ Galda Aug. 10/04, 3:00 pm Other : Other
I was sitting with my 19 year old son in an out door cafe in Elora, On. Three young women were at a table just a few yards from us. Beautiful young women, great skin, lovely hair, short shorts. They lit up cigarettes. I thought to myself how much I would like to have the courage to go talk to them. I would say how much they reminded me of myself in my 20’s. I would like to ask them if they wanted to see my scar. I had a mastectomy. This is the outward sign of my Breast Cancer. Inside is turmoil. My son said, “Oh Mom, don’t bother, they wouldn’t cares”
MJ Galda, IBC Survivor

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