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Hey Niagara, is your school work getting scary? Starting to stress out? Have no fear, LTPB is here!

So our QuitRunChill campaign is in full swing. We hope you are running hard and have kept your quit commitment. Remember, if you need any support we are always on campus at our booth every week! This month we have some very special goodie bags for those of you who have made your quit commitment and are ready to make it happen. Inside the goodie bags you will find all sorts of materials to keep you motivated, so stop by our next booth! Come hang out with us and try our trivia, we’ve got candy!

Quick fact:

About 25% of smokers who take up running in order to quit become ex-smokers. Sweet!

BOO! The season of spooky costumes and maddening mid-terms is here. We hope you are finding your time to get fit, check out our booth displays for some easy ways to get your exercise on and check our website quitrunchill.org for even more information. Sign up online for weekly reminders and helpful advice to keep moving. Of course, don’t forget to chill, relax and stay cool. Check out the latter website for some zen chill methods.

Coming up next month we will have a whole campaign to help you relax during the November crunch. Stay awesome NC!


Thinking about quitting? Trying to quit?

LTPB understands that it can be difficult to quit smoking and that there are many ways to quit. We offer research-based resources to help you achieve a smoke-free lifestyle. It’s a personal choice to smoke or quit and when you choose to quit, you plan to do it your way. Leave The Pack Behind gets that.

Here are a few of our resources that may help you quit:

SMOKE I QUIT booklets are for smokers who do or don’t want to quit. SMOKE is for you if you don’t want to quit – learn how to deal with people who nag you to quit. QUIT will show you how to make a plan to quit, if you want to.

Do you have a friend that smokes?

Pick up the u know u want 2… help a friend quit booklet!

LTPB gets it that it is a personal choice to smoke or quit and when you choose to quit, you plan to do it your way! Check out this resource for accurate, non-judgemental info and options to quit your way…
QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE, online program by young adults for young adults – especially those who smoke! It offers accurate info about quitting, running, and managing stress. It is based on the idea that everyone wants to be healthier, whether or not they smoke.

Remember, LTPB is designed for you and is never pushy, never preachy!

For resources, more info or to talk to a health professional about smoking or tobacco use visit your campus clinic, or check out the tabs above!

Smoke | Quit

LTPB is an open minded, campus program about tobacco and smoking. We are here for students who are smokers, ex-smokers, non-smokers and social smokers – our resources have been researched, created and tested by young adults for young adults.

As a provincially funded, peer-to-peer program, we promote smoking cessation, protect non-smokers, expose industry tactics, and lobby for policy change. Our student-teams design and implement year-long, campus-specific communication campaigns to promote LTPB’s programs and services – we run on 41 Ontario campuses and reach about 98% of the post-secondary population!

Leave The Pack Behind – Niagara College
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