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Jennifer Program: Community Health, minor Psychology

Hometown: Thorold

Where I’ve been: Cuba, Mexico, Florida

Interesting factoid: Petrified of heights… yet would like to skydive…someday

Reason for joining LTPB: LTPB is a great way for students to receive information in a way that is appealing to everyone. Being a creative group with such a potential to enhance the environment of everyone around and having a great team to back it up, makes LTPB one of the greatest resources a school could offer its students.

Ashley Program: Office Administration (Co-op)

Hometown: St Catharines

Interesting factoid: I have traveled to Punta Cana

Favourite hobby: Cross Stitching

Elysse Program: Law Clerk

Hometown: Welland

Where I’ve been: Road trip across eastern Canada, Paris

Interesting factoid: Worked at 97.7 HTZ-FM for 3 years

Reason for joining LTPB: To support people affected by smoking

Favourite hobby: Soccer, baseball, skiing

Karen Program: International commerce and global development

Hometown: St. Catharines

Hobbies: Friends, Gym, Music, School and travel

Reason for joining LTPB: I enjoy working with a team and creating interesting ways to reach students on campus. I enjoy on campus events and LTPB is an interesting program to deliver to students!

Madeleine Program: Occupational Physiotherapist Assistant

Hometown: Niagara on the Lake

Where I’ve been: I have traveled in a variety of countries in Europe including France, Italy and Austria

Favourite hobby: I love playing Settlers of Catan and I also enjoy horseback riding and running.

Interesting factoid: I was born in Germany

Reason for joining LTPB: I was interesting in applying my knowledge of health promotion

Justen Program: Journalism

Hometown: Welland

Where I’ve been: Across Canada and Northern US

Favourite hobby: Scuba Diving (on the rare occasion I have time)

Interesting factoid: I am extremely political (running for city councillor) and a huge nerd deep inside

Reason for joining LTPB: My parents and brother both have smoked heavily. My parents continue and my brother quit cold turkey. That inspires me.

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Smoke | Quit

Throughout the year we will spend a lot of time together. Check us out every week at our booth displays (click on your team campus above for locations and times), with different themes every month just to keep it interesting. Each week we also do our walkabouts around campus talking to you and offering you information on alternatives to use if you want to quit or cut down. Oh and don’t forget to check out our chalked facts and trivia around the campus this year!

LTPB Niagara is all about the fun so check us out and get tons of free stuff each week including big $$$$ prizes in 2011 if you join our wouldurather…contest.

Leave The Pack Behind – Niagara College
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