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sue Jun. 30/03, 3:04 pm Professor
A really worthwhile program for anyone who is considering quitting. Don’t forget that Kingston is now a SmokeFree city.

Janice Forsythe Jun. 13/03, 3:07 pm Other
Great site overall. When do you plan to have the quiz pages fixed so that people can get their scores? Without being able to get the answers, people may become turned off, or, at the very least, be confused.

Kelowna May. 08/03, 8:27 pm Researcher
A Fantastic Site You Have! Best wishes & greetings from Kelowna, Okanagan – British Columbia – Canada.

Taylor Dime Mar. 11/03, 3:19 pm Student
This is a really good website, and really informational. Smoking stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Mar. 09/03, 10:52 am Student
Great Site!

Gary Mar. 06/03, 8:52 am Student
Nice website

susan forbes Mar. 05/03, 11:33 am Other
i tryed to get answers to the quizes and could not. i work at queen’s student health and was interented in this program. thank you

Fern Feb. 27/03, 10:55 am Researcher
Nice Website :)

Cool Surfer Feb. 27/03, 10:48 am
Hey, nice guestbook! Why didnt you put this up ages ago???

Cool Surfer OUT…

LTPB Team! Oct. 28/02, 5:46 pm Health Professional
Welcome to our guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). You can leave campus specific messages there. This is the place if you want to leave us messages for all of the LTPB site.

Have fun!!!

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