Leave The Pack Behind!!

The Nic Fit Challenge

Test your nicotine knowledge by answering these 14 questions!


1 Nicotine withdrawal can cause:

Craving for cigarettes Shakiness

Nausea & vomiting Headaches

All of the above


2 Smokers have a greater chance of quitting if:


just have willpower and they want to quit

They use pharmacological aids

such as Zyban, the patch, nicotine gum, and counseling

Their friends tell them to quit

They only smoke with alcoholic



3  A good reason to quit smoking is:

I need to change my friends


I don’t like bars any more

I want to feel better about


I can’t smoke while I jog


None of the above


4 To quit smoking successfully you need:

Only self-control

A good plan on how to handle

triggers to smoke

A lot of money

A big box of chocolate-covered



5 With physician advice, Zyban is a safe,

effective way for smokers to quit smoking:



Only true for people over 35

Not for students

Only safe for females


6 What is the average rate of relapse in the

first three months among smokers who have quit?





None of the above


7 Someone who has been thinking about quitting

for a long time, but hasn’t done it, could try:

Cutting down the number if


Quitting for one day

Consulting a nurse at Student

Health Services

Delaying the first cigarette in

the morning

All of the above


8 A smoker who has cut down the number of

cigarettes smoked each day is probably:

Getting enough nicotine at

the lower level of smoking

Thinking of quitting

Feeling safer about smoking

Running out of money


9 Smokers are not advised to quit smoking when:

It is exam time

They are on vacation

They feel strongly about


Their partner is quitting

All of the above


10 How long does it take the body to clear

itself of nicotine once a person has quit smoking?

10 days

15 minutes

About 3 days

2 weeks


11 Zyban, a quit smoking medication, should not

be used by people who:

Fly airplanes

Like chocolate

Have ever had a seizure or


Have used the nicotine patch

Drive a car


12 People who quit smoking more than a year ago

are no longer at risk for starting again.



Only 10% true

True only for long-term smokers

True for males only


13 The most effective way to quit smoking is:

Quit, but hang out with

friends in bars

Quit cold turkey

Quit, using the nicotine

patch/gum or Zyban and some counselling

All of the above

None of the above



Nicotine is just as addictive as:





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Leave The Pack Behind!!
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