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Quitting Smoking
on Your Own

1) Think it through:

Review your reasons to quit. Write them down and post this in
a place that you will see often.

2) Prepare to quit:

Keep track of how much you smoke. Include where you were and how
you felt. After doing that for a couple of days, eliminate the
cigarettes that are least important to you. It will help you cut
back and will make it easier to quit.

3) Choose your quit day:

Try making it a special day – how about Halloween, Christmas,
New Year’s Day etc…..

4) Make a plan:

If you’ve tried quitting before, think about the last time you
tried to quit. Think about the circumstances that made you go back
to smoking, and develop a plan to handle those situations in the
future. Having a plan to cope with tough situations will help you
avoid those “triggers” in the future.

5) Choose the method:

There are lots of ways to quite – gum,
patch, cutting back, cold turkey, self-help books and more.

6) Get support:

Find someone to help you while you are
going through the quitting process. Remember – LTPB trained students
are always available to talk to you and offer you support.

7) Set the stage:

Clean up your home and car by getting rid of ashtrays and lighters.

8) You are ready!!

LTPB is here to help you every step of the way!! Please contact
us for more details.

Adapted from Tobacco Reduction guide for Colleges
and Universities, Hancock, L., 2000

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Last updated: April 28, 2004

Leave The Pack Behind!
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