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Leave The Pack Behind has
success with the first ‘2880 Minutes’ Contest here at Mohawk
College.  Check out the results and winners of the contest on the
Campus Events & Mohawk” link
with full details and pictures!!!  And see what the winners said
about quitting for 2 days.

Winter this year has
been pretty cold, and it would sure feel great to feel and breathe the
fresh air.  Take a breath of the fresh air instead of inhaling
cigarette smoke this summer!!! As you are aware summer is fast approaching
and it is a good time to reflect on a healthier lifestylde.  Although
Leave The Pack Behind will not be available to service you during the
summer it does not mean that smokers or someone you know who smokes cannot
contemplate about quitting.  You can still check out the website
or e-mail us at
[email protected]
for more information about smoking and tobacco use.  We are still
accepting email until mid-May.  If you require personal assistants,
check out the “community contact and resources” links for the
external sources.  Of course the first attempt to quit smoking is
always difficult, and it can be a long process, but as long as you keep
trying with the right mentality, positive attitude and a great support
system, it can be a worthwhile process.

Coming May 10th, 2003
at Mohawk College Fennell Campus is the V.I.P. Event.  It is an
orientation day for new and returning students to visit the campus. 
It is an information day about all faculty departments and services
offered at Mohawk College.  It is a morning event full of activities,
draw, prizes, food and entertainment.  Leave The Pack Behind will
have a display booth along with Student Health Services on that day. 
Information about smoking cessation, products and also Carbon Monoxide
testing will be available for those who are interested.

If you need further
information please contact Student Health Services in room C109, or
contact us at
[email protected]



Last updated: April 6, 2003



for this program has been provided in part by the Government
of Ontario and by Health Canada.
Ce program est financé par
le Gouvernement de l’Ontario et par Santé Canada.

The ‘Leave
The Pack Behind’ name
for this program has been adopted with permission from the
World Health Organization.
Le nom du programme en anglais ‘Leave The Pack Behind’ a été emprunté à la
Journée mondiale sans tabac de 1999 avec la permission
de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. Copyright,
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Leave The Pack Behind!!
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