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The Cellar / Arnie Campus Pub will be a completely smoke free zone. No Smoking will be permitted at any time in the area inside the building. Violations to the no-smoking by-law could result in the fines up to $5000. Enforcement of this new policy will be handled by the Arnie Security Staff. *Smoking rules and regulations for Mohawk College can be found in the 2001/2002 Student Handbook. You will also see signs posted around campus reminding you of these regulations. 

There is no smoking in the college or within 30 meters of the college facility.

Smoking is not allowed inside any of Mohawk College’s facilities, or at any specified entrances.

Smoking is permitted after 4:00 pm in the Arnie Lounge and the Cellar at Fennell campus, as well as at all pubs, concerts, and special events held in the Student Centre at Fennell Campus.

These policies apply to all employees, students and visitors. Further information is available from LTPB at 905-575-2084

*Residence Smoking Policies

Our residence is 100% smoke free! Students who want to smoke must be 25 feet beyond the residence property.

*Campus Connection @ Mohawk College released on March 25, 2002 — now in effect — Mohawk College Security Staff will issue citations to any person found to be in violation of the smoking policy. A citation for a similar occurance issued to the same person will result in the appropriate authorities being notified of the circumstances with the recommendation that disciplinary action be taken against the persons involved.

NEW!!! Extract form Mohawk College Student Handbook “ONTRAK” Page. 28 “Smoking Policy, Smoking is not allowed inside any of Mohawk College’s facilities. Smoking is also prohibited at the main entrance of the College as well as other entrances that are deemed to be inappropriate because of the nature of the entrance. (i.e. Day Care Centre, under air intake fans, entrance stairs. etc.)

Those entrances deemed to be NO SMOKING AREAS are very clearly signed.

A map of Fennell Campus is available at the main information Desk or Security Desk in the Main Lobby that clearly shows those areas where Smoking is not permitted.

Your attention is also drawn to the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline. Page. 55 of the ONTRAK publication clearly state that smoking in restricted areas will not be tolerated and will attract in disciplinary action. The penalties that can be imposed by the College can also be found, in detail, on page 55.

Mohawk College Smoking Policies
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