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Leave The Pack Behind – 2880 Minutes Contest

Rules and Regulations
This is the first Mohawk College Quit smoking for 2880 Minutes
Contest. The 2880 minutes actually equal 48 hours. The objective
of this contest is to encourage and motivate students at Mohawk
College to try to quit smoking. The first step is contemplating
on quitting, the second step to prepare yourself for the challenge
and finally, actually taking action!!
(* Applications are limited)

To be eligible for the contest draw you must
be a smoker. There are two categories. Select the category that
best applies to you. A) Regular smoker: individual who smokes
a few cigarettes or more on a daily basis. B) Casual smoker: individual
who does smoke, but not necessarily on a daily basis, usually
on occasion (i.e. a few or more cigarettes a week).

Registration for the contest
Location: Mohawk College Fennell Campus,
Find us at C-Wing Hall near Student Access

Date: Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
Time: 9a.m. to 12 noon

At the registration area, you will be required
to take a Smokalyzer test with the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor.
Your CO level will be recorded on your registration sheet. You
will then be required to have a ‘buddy’ or a ‘friend’
sign a Declaration form. The purpose of having a buddy to sign
the form is to ensure that you have a witness to confirm that
you have fulfilled the requirements of the contest in order to
be eligible to win. He or she will also be a support person during
the 48 hours of the contest.

During the contest:

  • Contestants must not smoke after the registration day Carbon
    Monoxide test.
  • The individual must remain smoke free for the next 48 hours
    until the final day in which the contestant must return for
    a second Carbon Monoxide test.
Final Contest Check-in
Location: Mohawk College, Fennell Campus,
Find us at the C-Wing Hall near Student Access
Date: Thursday, February 19th, 2004
Time: 9a.m. to 12noon

At this time you are to complete the last Carbon Monoxide test
for the final result. You are to have the same ‘buddy’
or ‘friend’ with to you to sign the final declaration.
In order to be eligible for the draw prize you must have been
smoke free for the last 48 hours.

When all Carbon Monoxide tests have been done the results considered
by LTPB staff Winners will be notified during the next 2 weeks
to come and claim their prize.


Regular smokers could win a $25.00
gift certificate to Grand and Toy, Gift certificates from Cheapies
Music Store and Tim Horton’s, T-Shirts, and MUCH MORE…

Casual smoker could win Gift certificates
from Cheapies Music Store and Tim Horton’s, T-shirts and

Prizes were provided in Kind donation from LTPB, Mohawk College,
Tim Horton’s and the Campus Den.

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