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Proposed Changes Regional Niagara Smoke-Free By-Law

  • All Restaurant smoke-free areas will be increased to 75% of seating


  • Bars will be redefined as places that are licensed under the LCBO

    and have a house policy that only allows admittance of patrons who are

    age 19 and over. Licensed premises that admit patrons under 19 will be

    considered as restaurants. In 2002, bars are required to provide a 25%

    unenclosed non-smoking area.

  • Definition of Common Areas, such as smoke-free lobbies and hallways,

    will be expanded from the previous apartments and office buildings

    only, to include hotels and motels.

  • Shopping Mall Businesses that allow smoking, such as restaurants,

    and billiard halls, must be closed off from the mall by a door so that

    smoke does not drift into the mall.

  • Private Clubs, as defined in the by-law, are not included until 2004

    (see below).

  • Washrooms in all public places will be smoke-free.
  • Workplaces will become smoke-free as of 2002.
By 2004, all places frequented by the public will be 100% smoke-free.

The options before Regional Council include whether or not to allow a

Designated Smoking Room.

Have Questions? Call 688-3762 or 1-800-263-7248, Ext.


Want to support the Chair and Members of Council? Download

this MSWORD document, fill it in and mail them your support! Need

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