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Debunking the ‘Light & Mild’ Myth”


Thinking of quitting smoking? CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You’ve already made it past the first step – making
the decision to stop! Finding it tough? Well, here are some tips
and stress busters to help you quit!

  1. Talk to a doctor or nurse at Health Services!

  2. Talk to a Leave the Pack Behind staff member for some encouragement
    and a friendly face!

  3. Chew gum, a straw, candy, nuts, veggies, or dried fruit!

  4. Keep something in your hands such as a marble, elastic,
    note pad, or stress ball (remember those?)!

  5. Exercise! Join an intramural sports team on campus!

  6. Get outside! The weather’s getting warmer – make
    the most of it!

  7. Pamper yourself! Get a massage or have a long hot bath!

  8. Take up a new hobby!

  9. Drink lots of water!

  10. Go see a movie!

  11. Read a book!

  12. STAY POSITIVE!!! We’re not saying it’s going to
    be a piece of cake, but staying positive and not getting discouraged
    is going to make it that much easier. Make sure you reward
    yourself every step of the way! YOU CAN DO IT!!!



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