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Who Are We?

Leave the Pack Behind is an innovative, multi-campus
initiative serving post-secondary students at risk of starting
or continuing smoking.   LTPB includes continuous
multi-channel education, ongoing interpersonal outreach
through student-staffed displays and office hours, and uninterrupted
access to smoking awareness / reduction / cessation interventions
for students.

Who We Want to Reach
  • Smokers who DON’T want to quit
  • Smokers who DO want to quit
  • Smokers who want to CUT BACK smoking
  • Friends who want to help someone quit
  • Non-Smokers
What We Offer
  • Smoking Awareness
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Peer support for those trying to quit or reduce smoking
  • Information and resources
  • On-going contests and draws


Let’s Make a Deal!

Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!
Click HERE for winners, pictures,
prizes, and more
from our April 2nd prize presentation!

Have a great summer and keep an eye out in
September for our weekly display booths
in the SLC!!!

This month:

“Light & Mild” poster campaign!!!

Click HERE for more information!



Leave The Pack Behind!
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