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  • The percentage of Ontario teenagers who smoke
    increased from 23.8% in 1993 to 28.3% in 1999.

  • Secondhand smoke has been named the number one
    cause of workplace death in British Columbia

  • An estimated 5.4 million people, or 21% of the
    Canadian population aged 15 years and older, were smokers
    in 2002, down from 22% in 2001. Men outnumbered women by a
    small margin, with about 23% of men aged 15 years and older
    smoking compared with 20% of women.

  • In 1985, daily smokers consumed an average of
    21 cigarettes per day. Since then, the number of cigarettes
    smoked has been gradually declining, falling to 16 cigarettes
    per day in 2002.

  • Nicotine has an initial stimulatory effect,
    which is why it gives the boost. After this initial stimulatory
    phase, nicotine acts as a depressant, forcing you to get another
    cigarette to feel the lift.

  • Carbon monoxide, one of the gasses released
    from smoking, does not only cause damage to your lungs. The
    breakdown products of cigarettes eventually reach the bladder,
    pancreas, kidneys, breast, colon, and cervix. There is also
    risk of disease of the mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, air
    passages, and stomach.

  • Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than directly
    inhaled smoke. Second-hand smoke releases the same 4000 chemicals
    as smoke that is directly inhaled, but in even greater quantity.

  • Second-hand smoke is linked to the deaths of
    at least 1100 Canadians every year.


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