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Campus and City Smoking Policies

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Smoking on University Premises:

Policy 29

Smoking is not permitted in any University building.
This applies to all faculty, staff and students as well as to
campus visitors.

Primary responsibility for ensuring compliance
with this policy rests with the line management in each department.

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Smoking Policy for the Regional Municipality
of Waterloo

As of November 1st, 1996, Waterloo Region will
have a new regional tobacco by-law -the By-law to Regulate
Smoking in Public Places in the Regional Municipality ofWaterloo.
The new by-law was developed in order to protect children
and non-smokers from the harmful health effects of exposure to
second-hand smoke. The by-law immediately restricts smoking in
many places, and aims to have almost all public and private places
accessible to the public completely smoke-free by the year 2000.
This Regional by-law limits smoking in premises that were not
included in the provincial Tobacco Control Act which came into
effect in November 1994.

The by-law applies equally across all seven
area municipalities in the region and takes the place of any existing
municipal by-laws (unless the municipal by-law is more restrictive
of smoking).

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Campus and City of Waterloo Smoking Policies
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