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Winners of the 2004 “Let’s Make a Deal!” Contest

Presented by
Leave the Pack Behind

Quit for Good


$200 Cash Lisa Ye
$100 WatCard Credit Chris Chalk
$70 Indoor Rock Climbing & Moose Winooski’s Gift Certificates Caroline Mealin
Crest Kit & $50 UW Retail Credit Alexander Han
$40 Philthy McNasty’s & 2 Princess Cinemas Gift Certificates Araceli Gonzalez

Party Without the Pack


Crest Kit & $20 Sobey’s Gift Certificate Melissa D’Souza
UW Sweater Natalie Leib

Don’t Start & Win


3 Month Gym Membership Melissa Maraj
$70 Indoor Rock Climbing Bhavna Sharma
Crest Kit James Keung
Nike Backpack Kimitra Lovell
$ 30 East Side Mario’s Gift Certificate Fathiya Ali
$ 30 East Side Mario’s Gift Certificate Brandie Bevis
$ 25 Heuther Restaurant Gift Certificate Susan Usjak



UW T-shirt Nadia Hausfather
$ 15 East Side Mario’s Gift Cert. Amanda Heydorn
2 Gift Certificates to Princess Cinema Laura Boyd

Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you to our sponsors, contestants, witnesses, buddies,
speakers, and guests for making our first ever prize presentation
such a successful event!

Lisa & Jen


Lisa Ye
Second year Honours Science
“ Quit for Good” contest winner

“I’ve been smoking
for 11 years and it feels so good to finally quit. Smoking
became such a burden at one point. The contest reminded
me of what I had to do and the prizes were extra motivation.
This is the only quit smoking program geared towards
university students and it’s a great idea.”


Chris & Anna

Chris Chalk
Third year Earth Science

Quit for Good” contest winner

“This contest was the greatest
thing to come along here at UW. Many people want to quit
and this contest is
a great way to get them started.”



Contest Prize Table
Araceli Gonzalez
Second year Biology/Psychology

Quit for Good” contest winner

“I think LTPB is a great campaign. Making all these
resources available at the SLC along with constant encouragement
may give smokers that final nudge to quit…By having
someone monitoring my progress through concrete tests (such
as CO and cotinine) I felt especially motivated to remain
smoke free.”

Alexander & Jill


Fathiya & Grace


Guest Speaker Dr. Linda Jessup


The Leave the Pack Behind Team!!!
(would you believe our outfits weren’t planned!?)
Absent: Andrew

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