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Attack Tobacco Next

(Re: Hacktivism on campus, February, 2003)

Amid Professor Deibert’s rants about the need to “raise awareness”,

his dislike of “people coming to university to make money” and “conformists”,

I kept glancing up at the large photo of him smoking a cigarette.

Surely, as a self-professed activist, he is aware of the billions

of dollars tobacco corporations rake in each year, knowingly profiting

from consumers’ often fatal addictions. “Big Tobacco” is

a perfect target for a group like Citizen Lab.

It’s dirty business that pretends there is nothing bad about smoking,

relying on the conformity of young adults (and apparently professors)

to advertise their product for them.  Professor Deibert should

be fighting the tobacco corporations, not supporting them.

Lee Nesseth,

Leave The Pack Behind, U of T

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