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Contest Update


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Let’s Make A Deal!

A contest sponsored
by the Leave The Pack Behind project and
a chance for SMOKERS and NON-SMOKERS to win great prizes!

This year’s Let’s Make A Deal! contest
was a great success!

Thanks to everyone who entered and special thanks
to our sponsors for providing the fantastic prizes:

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health
Sciences, Department of Health Policy and Management and the U
of T Bookstore

Quit for Good

1st Prize: $500
Runner-up: $250

Keep the Count

3 prizes x $50

Party without the Pack

3 prizes x $50

Don’t Start and Win

3 prizes x $25 U of T bookstore gift certificate

Let’s Make A Deal! Post-Contest Information:

  1. Quit for Good – Contest ends March 16
    (Quit smoking completely)
  2. Keep the Count – Contest ends February 12
    (Reduce the amount you smoke by 50%)
  3. Party without the Pack – Contest ends February 12
    (Don’t smoke while you drink)
  4. Don’t Start and Win – Contest ends February 12
    (Remain smoke free)


  • Remember to keep the witness and buddy forms, as winners will
    be required to present them to LTPB staff.
  • LTPB staff will be contacting you during the contest to offer
    support and for random carbon monoxide testing.

Click here for the winners from
the 2002 Let’s Make a Deal Contest!

Click here for the winners from
the 2001 Let’s Make A Deal Contest



Contest Update
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