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It is the policy of the University of Toronto that smoking is
prohibited in all University buildings with the exception of Designated
Smoking Areas as hereinafter described. In furtherance of that
policy, no employee or student will be required to perform any
activities or meet any obligations in a Designated Smoking Area
(except for repairs and servicing of the space). Moreover, cigarettes,
tobacco, and other tobacco products will not be sold on premises
occupied by the University of Toronto.

Designated Smoking Areas

Smoking areas may be designated only in the following areas:

1. Residence

University residences will establish their own smoking policies,
which should be based on the following criteria:

  • smoking in common areas should be restricted to clearly identified
    smoking areas;
  • residents in single rooms (and their guests) may smoke in the
    room, provided the door is closed; and
  • residents in double or multiple rooms (and their guests) may
    not smoke in the room unless the other resident or residents
  • smoking policies in residences must comply with any relevant
    municipal, regulatory or legislative requirements.

2. Regular Campus Pub

  • Regular campus pubs may permit smoking provided that smoke
    does not intrude into other areas of the building, and that the
    smoking area is clearly designated by signs.
  • First Nations House
    is designated as a location where tobacco may be smoked for
    traditional aboriginal cultural or spiritual


This policy applies to all users of the University of Toronto
including employees, students and visitors. All supervisors are
responsible for the enforcement of this policy in the same manner
as other University policies and rules. For regular campus pubs,
the pub managers are responsible for enforcement of this policy.
The University of Toronto Police will, if necessary, enforce the
no smoking provisions under the appropriate legislation and by-laws.

Smoking on Campus…
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