Smokers and Friends

Quit Your Way…

Ask A Friend For Support

Ask A Friend For Support

What support does for you

Announcing plans to quit and getting help from loved ones is a proven way to increase the odds of successful quitting.

How to do it

Ask a friend who smokes to quit with you, and tell other friends who smoke not to smoke around you while you’re trying to quit. If any friends smoke in front of you and/or make fun of you for being a ‘quitter’, consider avoiding them until you are over the hump.

Ask friends to send you positive, encouraging emails, tweets or messages via facebook.

Encourage your friends to read Leave The Pack Behind’s U Know U Want 2… Help A Friend Quit Smoking.

Where to get it

Positive friends and family are great sources of support, but if you want to talk to someone whose job it is to know a lot about quitting, think about checking out these people:

  • Campus Health Professional
  • Family Physician
  • Pharmacist
  • Smokers Helpline – call them anytime! (1 877 513-5333)

How much it costs

  • Nicotine gum: $15
  • Water Bottle: $8
  • Friends to help you quit: Priceless
Smokers and Friends
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