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Make A Plan

Make A Plan

There is a great deal of evidence that smokers who have a plan to quit achieve the highest rates of success! Sadly, most smokers don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

Simple steps to making your Quit Plan

  • List your main reasons for quitting
  • Figure out which method you are going to use
  • Acknowledge the people, places & situations that may still make you want to smoke
  • Figure out how you will deal with these temptations to smoke
  • List the people that you can rely on for help quitting

Quit card


Quit Plan, you can use more than one method of quitting. For example, if you want to quit cold turkey, you can also build in to your plan that you will keep some nicotine gum on hand just in case you need it. Having a ‘back-up’ is always a good idea. If for whatever reason, the plan you’ve chosen is not working, it’s good to have a back-up in place so that you have other options ready when you need them.


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Smokers and Friends
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