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of wisdom from a U of T mature student

“If I could, I would love to stand with the Leave The Pack
Behind display and repeat my message as someone who has learned life’s
lessons and watched her husband die from smoking. I would encourage U
of T students NOT TO SMOKE! To work hard to keep good health so it
won’t interfere in their future. So they can live to be 89 like me and
still write poetry, dance and study ancient philosophy!”




Do you have any helpful tips on how to quit or reduce smoking? Maybe
you have some information you would like to share with others. Perhaps
you’d like the chance to let others know how you feel about smoking and
smoking issues? If so, send us your comments.
Your feedback is most important to us. We think it would also be helpful
to others and would therefore like to include some of the feedback we
get from you in future versions of this web site. So, why not send us

Please leave your comments/questions here.

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of Ontario and by Health Canada.
Ce program est financé par
le Gouvernement de l’Ontario et par Santé Canada.

The ‘Leave
The Pack Behind’ name
for this program has been adopted with permission from the
World Health Organization.
Le nom du programme en anglais ‘Leave The Pack Behind’ a été emprunté à la
Journée mondiale sans tabac de 1999 avec la permission
de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. Copyright,
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Leave The Pack Behind!!
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